Suction Flask ขวดสูญญากาศ


Suction Flask ขวดสูญญากาศ

รุ่น :  250 ml
ยี่ห้อ : PYREX
ราคาปกติ : 650 บาท

รายละเอียดสินค้า :

PYREX® 250mL Heavy Wall Filtering Flasks with Sidearm Tubulation (Product #5340-250)
These PYREX® 250mL flasks have sidearm tubulations and are blown in special molds designed to give maximum mechanical strength. For convenience, the flasks are graduated to show approximate capacity. The neck finish affords an excellent fit for rubber stoppers. Tubulation O.D. is 10mm.


Qty./Pk.: 6
Qty./CS.: 18
Capacity: 250 mL
Flask Style: Filtering
Neck Style: Narrow Mouth
Top Style: Heavy Duty Rim
Stopper Style: No Stopper
Rubber Stopper No.: 6
Graduation Range: 75-250 mL (approx)
Graduation Interval: 25 mL (approx)
Flask Feature: Heavy Wall and Tubulation
Feature: Reusable
Tubulation Style: Glass
Sterile: No
Height: 146 mm (approx)
Outer Diameter: 84 mm (approx)
Tubulation O.D.: 10 mm (approx)

ขนาดที่จำหน่าย :

250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 (ml)


ติดต่อสอบถาม และสั่งชื้อ 098-8254702 ,095-5206999